Why Stacks?

My discovery of Stacks occurred in April of 2019 which coincided with their reg-A offering being approved by the SEC. At that time, I was separating from my then business partner of a New York based Emerging Manager I had co-founded, operated, and grown for the previous 5 years.

I remember hiring my first lawyer. He was an inspiring figure with a staggering list of accomplishments that included entrepreneurship, serving as a prosecutor for the SEC, as well as being a televised legal pundit. This proved to be a great decision, as he helped me negotiate from a position of strength with my soon-to-be former business partner.

Despite the quality of his work, ultimately, I could not afford to continue with his legal representation. Thankfully I was able to employ the services of another talented litigator, and with no shortage of help from my wife, the negotiations ultimately proved to be successful.

 The stress of dissolving the partnership with a dear friend was made even more difficult by the nature of our business involving the management of investor funds. Thankfully well before the dissolution of my business I had taken great care to ensure that the fund had been established with the best custodial administrators.

I had plans! This separation occurred far too soon! We were going to further scale the business, more buy in from the Family office, attract institutional money! This simply was not supposed to happen this way! As is often the case, the loss of this business wound up becoming one of the great gifts in my life.

It is during this whole legal battle that I also stumbled upon a podcast discussion with Muneeb Ali & Ari Paul, and I was instantly mesmerized by (Muneeb – the co-founder of Stacks). I found myself frantically taking notes while trying to make sense of the concepts these two leaders were debating on the episode. From that moment my obsession with Stacks was born.

So, why Stacks you ask? Because money alone is not enough. It’s not enough because economies are not built on money alone, instead they’re built on credit; contracts between individuals and entities which provide the conditions of the circulation of money and the promise of wealth generation. Bitcoin is currency based on value (Bitcoin is digital energy), and Stacks brings contract-ability to Bitcoin and the ability to build Economies on top of it.

As Nelson Mandela puts it, “to deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity” – Nelson Mandela 1918-2013. Bitcoin is digital energy, Stacks makes it the exchange for Peace. I’m an agent of Peace, I’m Rapha.btc.

Special thanks go to Jack for his invaluable contributions in reading an early draft, providing insightful feedback, and collaborating on a re-write that enhanced the natural flow of this article. Jack, a distinguished publisher on Sigle and a prominent figure on Twitter with the handle @jackbinswitch, played a crucial role in refining this piece. His expertise and dedication are truly commendable.