Education can become cost effective

It was such a great opportunity to talk to Debankur!

@Debankur: Thank you for showering me with so many insights. I was comforted not only on ways to validate my ideas but also on effective paths to take on.

Debankur shared about many exciting insights. About Artificial Intelligence. What makes a feature key or simply a good to have? How to blend my product into my users’ experience? How to create adoption? How to train my AI model in a cost effective way? How to train it in ways that allow for high adaptability to my business needs? We talked about shadow training that brings a whole new level to cost effectiveness. Debankur alluded to many other details he masters including: the use of AI to predict the timeline to reach a target, to improve behaviors and the use of feedback loops…

Our conversations invites me to refocus on fundamentals:
– Create great experiences
– Solve real problems
– Make our planet more united

I sense that AI and Block chain will have a role to play in making training skill programs* more decisive in our education systems. Although, it should be done the right way and keeping the user’s experience always in mind. @ my French Community, I am designing, at my level, some training programs with all of that in mind…

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*These are typically delivered by trade schools which are designed to train students for a specific job in a skilled trade career.