Neal Stephenson imagines the future of identity authentication in a mass adopted decentralized world

The wider question at play here is so crucial for the decentralized space.

How do you design identity authentication in a way that will foster mass adoption? How do you create a seamless #proof_of_human_protocol?

For early adopters, owning a private key and being okay with the risk of losing their private key was fine. If we’re looking into mass adoption, it might not work, and what 3rd parties bring to the table is a safety net or insurance policy against hacking and losing of private keys.

Check out Naval’s conversation with Neal, where they talk about using AI and bio-metrics to secure private keys.

Thinking about this particular process is key. Let’s not underestimate this.

Quick snapshot of the “Fireside Chat with Naval Ravikant and Neal Stephenson | Blockstack Summit 2019”: