Ryan Shea creates a model where applications can’t be evil

I found many takeaways from the interview with Ryan Shea on BlockChannel. Here’s a few:

You made it significantly easier for developers to build decentralized apps then to even build centralized ones.

You don’t have to have servers. You don’t have to maintain databases. You don’t have to build your id management system.

You plug into the JS library, and you can use the api calls, request access to user data when you authenticate, access photo streams, sign data transactions or documents, send and receive encrypted files or messages, interact with the users bitcoins.

For any app. that needs signing, encryption, transaction and shared data capabilities: it would be way harder to build these apps without the ecosystem.

Consider building an alternative client rather than reinventing a new protocol because all these applications are much more valuable when they can all talk to one another, when they are all on the same network and they can share data. A great example is all these different bitcoin wallets, the fact that they are compatible has greatly led to the success of bitcoin to date; and that’s the case of email clients too.

Ryan Shea

We’re two years later today, and it’s amazing to see all the applications already built on top of BlockStack. Is this the beginning of a massive migration to a decentralized Internet, where freedom of speech is restored?

For example, Bitpatron is solving the censorship problem that Patreon and other platforms are facing.

A decentralized membership platform that gives creators the ability to monetize their passion/work with Bitcoin, or other payment gateways. The business model is decentralized and designed to keep maximum control of content, followers and paid subscription with the content creator. Unlike other platforms, here you can express your voice, without being controlled by big corporates.


Read their article on medium here

To conclude, here’s a quote on censorship resistant free speech money…

Many people fixate on the price of Bitcoin. What’s important is censorship-resistant free speech money and payment processing. As long as you own Bitcoin, you can support any person, business, or cause that you wish without permission from any bank, government, or corporation